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Capezio 1126W Cambre Broad Toe # 3 Shank Pointe Shoe


Capezio 1126W Cambre Broad Toe # 3 Shank Pointe Shoe

Introducing the Cambre Pointe Shoes, Capezio’s newest and most technically advanced pointe shoes yet featuring a range of innovations that allow you to seamlessly roll through the ball of the foot onto pointe while providing flexibility, comfort, support and stability.

Features include:
• Tapered Toe - #3 Shank (1/2 shank length)
• Rayon satin upper, leather sole
• Lower crown, deep vamp
• Full wing box for lateral support
• Sculpted arch with greater heel curve
• Shorter outsole length. Outsole is also scored for increased traction and thin in design to allow you to stand close to the floor.
• Plush rose color anti-slip sock lining
• Bias side seam and stitched platform that eliminates pleats
• Elasticized binding with elastic drawstring

The Capezio Cambre is available in two Box styles - Tapered or Broad; note that this does not correspond to the size of the foot but instead the shape of the toes. A block style toe shape is Broad while toes that cascade are Tapered.

The Cambre is also available in two different shank strengths. The #3 shank is a 1/2 shank, whereas the #4 shank is a bit stronger 3/4 shank.

Available Color for Capezio Cambree Pointe Shoes:
    Capezio  1126W Cambre Broad Toe # 3 Shank Pointe Shoe color pink
Petal Pink

Available Widths:
N: Narrow
M: Medium
W: Wide
WW: Extra Wide

Remember to purchase elastic (item ELASTIC) and ribbons (item RIBBON), sold separately

Note: Pointe shoes should only be worn with proper training. They can cause injury if worn improperly. If you are shopping for a first pair of point shoes, it is recommended that the shoes be fitted by a professional to ensure proper fit.

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