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Grishko Ulanova I Pro Pointe Shoe - The New Nikolay Ulanova I Pro Pointe Shoe - Original Russian Made Pointe Shoe manufactured by Grishko Nikolay

$106.50 $118.00

Grishko Ulanova I Pro Pointe Shoe

Grishko Ulanova I Pro is made on the same last as the Fouette, however unlike the Fouette, The Ulanova I Pro is an Eleve model pointe shoe which allows the dancer to roll-through pointe. This shoe has a versatile box which is good for dancers with short toes, toes of even length, and wide feet with normal heels. The Ulanova I Pro’s vamp is of medium height and fits many different types of feet.Ulanova I Pro With softer insole and additional silent knot technology, making pointe shoes silent

Available Color for Grishko Ulanova I Pro Pointe Shoe :
grishko ulanova 1 pointe shoe swatch

Available Widths for Grishko Ulanova I Pro Pointe Shoe :

1X: Very Narrow
2X: Narrow
3X: Medium
4X:  Wide
5X: Very Wide

Available Strengths for Grishko Ulanova I Pro Pointe Shoe :
Super Soft
Strong Hard

Remember to purchase elastic (item ELASTIC) and ribbons (item RIBBON), sold separately.

Note: Pointe shoes should only be worn with proper training. They can cause injury, if worn improperly.

If you are shopping for a first pair of point shoes, it is recommended that the shoes be fitted by a professional to ensure proper fit.

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