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Bloch S0172 Eurostretch Pointe Shoes


Bloch BL S0172 Eurostretch Pointe Shoes - Regular Shank

Bloch introduces a new and exciting range of pointe shoes featuring ground breaking innovation in a category virtually unchanged in over 120 years!

Bloch’s new S0172 Eurostretch pointe shoe is the first pointe shoe that addresses the fact that a foot is shorter when pointed.The stretch fabric back that allows the shoe to hug the foot when on pointe so the shoe looks better and feels more secure. The outer sole sole is split to allow the fabric to stretch.

With the latest in stretch materials and multiple patents, these features combine to allow ultimate articulation of the foot, and unparalleled connection between foot and shoe. One seamless, flawless line is now a reality.

The Eurostretch Pointe Features:

*  European Balance type last combined with the ultimate in support and function using stretch properties to mimic the natural contours of the foot
*  A paste, a harder firm paste has been incorporated to withstand conditions of heat and humidly
*  High and wide platform encourages weight distribution while en pointe
*  Shock resistance 
*  TMT™ paste for longer lasting moldable box
*  Low profile and open throat line at the vamp shape with elastic cord to create a streamlined and snug fit

bloch s0172 eurostretch sole

Vamp length: medium
Vamp shape: U
Platform: very wide
Outsole: split
Sides: low
Heel shape: tapered
Drawstring: elastic

Available Color for Bloch S0172 Eurostretch pointe shoes:

bloch s0172l eurostretch pointe shoe color swatch

Available Widths:
1X - Narrow
2X - Medium
3X - Wide

Remember to purchase elastic (item ELASTIC ) and ribbons (item RIBBON ), sold separately

Note: Pointe shoes should only be worn with proper training.They can cause injury, if worn improperly. If you are shopping for a first pair of point shoes, it is recommended that the shoes be fitted by a professional to ensure proper fit.

Suggested fit for Bloch S0172 Eurostretch Stretch Pointe Shoes: Order  (1 1/2- 2 ) sizes smallerthan your regular USA street shoe size.


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