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Capezio 1137W Développé Pointe Shoe with #5.5 Shank and Moderate Toe Box

Pro Tip: When attaching Bunheads® ribbons and elastics to pointe shoes that have rose colored lining, a medium needle with a small eye works best. Suggested Fitting: For first time pointe shoe shoppers, we recommend a professional fitting at your nearest Capezio retail store.

Product Features:

  • Moderate, slightly tapered, reinforced inner toe box
  • Moderate-high vamp
  • Round shaped throat
  • Elasticized binding with elastic drawstring
  • Plush, anti-slip microfiber lining prevents excess sweating and blisters caused by friction
  • Moderate side and heel measurements
  • Standard side seam
  • Feathered full wings for lateral support
  • Moderate-high hand-flattened crown
  • Moderate, slightly slanted platform encourages the dancer to go over the box
  • Reduced sole length eliminates excess at the heel
  • 1137W: Half-skived (1/2 Shank) #5.5 leather board shank
  • Skived ball of the foot encourages smooth roll through and articulation
  • Traditional stitched pleating with quiet toe construction
  • Best Fit: Medium to wide forefoot with tapered toes
  • Begin 1/2 size up from street shoe size
  • Elastic and ribbons sold separately
    Available Color for Capezio 1137W Developpe #5.5 Shank Pointe Shoe

    capezio 1137w developpe #5.5 shank pointe shoe color swatch

    Remember to purchase elastic (item ELASTIC) and ribbons (item RIBBON), sold separately.

    Available Widths:
    N: Narrow
    M: Medium
    W: Wide

    Note: Pointe shoes should only be worn with proper training. They can cause injury, if worn improperly.

    If you are shopping for a first pair of point shoes, it is recommended that the shoes be fitted by a professional to ensure proper fit.

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    Capezio 1137W Développé Pointe Shoe with #5.5 Shank and Moderate Toe Box

    Capezio 1137W Développé Pointe Shoe with #5.5 Shank and Moderate Toe Box

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