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Stay Hydrated Dancers!

Stay Hydrated Dancers!

As dancers, it's fairly easy to get dehydrated. Especially if your at a competition or going to conventions regularly. Here are a few quick tips. 

What To Drink: Spring Water is the best drink for a dancer. Sometimes though, we need more than just water. 

Some good options: Hibiscus Tea, Rooibos Tea, Coconut Water, A Shot of Pickle Juice (seriously...) & Clear Sports Drinks are good for an extra boost in hydration.

Green tea is a diuretic so it is not a hydrating choice but offers other athletic benefits such an increased endurance & circulation.  

*Also remember the body needs sodium to regulate water.

What Not To Drink: Soda, especially diet, artificially colored drinks, juice that is not 100% juice, sweet tea, lots of caffeine, too much water.

How Much To Drink: It depends. You can over-hydrate too so make sure you listen to your body! Signs of dehydration are muscle cramps, dark urine, dry lips, nausea, dizziness, confusion, not sweating when you should be, etc. Do your research, know your body & stay hydrated!! 

Disclaimer: Nobody here is a doctor. This is only experienced & educated opinion.

Carissa Kubitz
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