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To Wear Tights or Not to Wear Tights?

To Wear Tights or Not to Wear Tights?

In recent years there has been a trend of not wearing tights. We see it as a fad that will go away, because tights have some pretty amazing benefits. We've been wearing them for a long time for some good reasons!

Here are some of the really compelling reasons dancers should be pro tights:

1. They absorb sweat and hide the fact that you a sweating from your audience. Dance should appear effortless, no one wants to see your leg sweat!

2. They actually accentuate the leg muscles and improve your lines on stage.

3. They help while doing floorwork, providing the same experience of connection with the floor whether you're sweaty or not.

4. They cover the crotch area in those skimpy costumes. Spare the audience and cover your stuff!

5. They also keep the lower body warmer which helps keep your whole body warm. We all know that's better for our extensions and dancing in general.

6. Last but not least, It's Tradition!! 

Let's keep tights a thing, they're worth it! 

Carissa Kubitz
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