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SuperiorArch Foot Stretcher


SuperiorArch Foot Stretcher


The SuperiorArch Foot Stretcher is a professional foot stretcher custom designed to help strengthen the upper arch of the foot. Strengthening the upper arch helps with correct positioning of the dancer's feet in all types of dance, gymnastics, and even swimming. 

This item features a custom incline molded into the base that allows room for the heel to rotate down avoiding impingement. This foot stretcher is made of 2 inch premium foam and covered with colored fabric for foot comfort. The adjustable velcro flap helps secure any size foot. 

 superiorarch foot stretcher diagram

Available Colors for SuperiorArch Foot Stretcher:
superiorarch foot stretcher color swatch

Black, Happy Cats, Musical, Bright Blue, Starry Night, Wavy Purple, Flames

How to use the SuperiorArch Foot Stretcher: 
1. Place the foot under Velcro strap and tightly secure the Velcro flaps over the top of the foot making sure the heel is behind the incline bump. 
2. Then slowly stretch the upper arch of the foot by lowering the leg toward the floor. Stretch as far as you can without causing pain. Hold the stretch and count to ten; then slowly release and repeat. 

Note: Recommended stretching programs with the SuperiorArch® will vary depending on the one's age, skill level, fitness level and activity being trained for. For beginners, it is often recommended that an individual stretch at least twice a day. 

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